Those we serve…3 ideas…

Everyone has “clients”, “customers”; those we serve. Some of us don’t even realize that we have “clients”. Those we serve are everywhere, not just in business, but throughout our lives.

Everyone serves someone or something.

In my experience, there are 3 keys to serving them well….

1) Know the client

Do you know your customers’ business, their culture? Do you know why they exist? If you want to differentiate your service, truly strive to know who you serve better than anyone.

Humans love to tell others about themselves. We sometimes spend too much time making sure those we serve know us well. Know them and they will want to know you.

Read their press releases, visit their websites, collect information and insights on those you serve. Be genuine.

2) Ask great questions

I used to ask clients, “How are we doing? Are you getting everything you need from us?”

As you may guess, I was typically getting answers like, “Everything is good, thanks.” Clients don’t want to be put on the spot and would rather not have to call you out in person. Sometimes, but not usually.

Instead, ask questions like, “How are you going to achieve your goals for the year? What do you care most about doing for your company/your organizaiton/your volunteer group? Who do you rely on for timely information you care about?”

Great questions lead to a greater understanding of the client.

3) Share information

Don’t hoard good insights, ideas, knowledge. Some of the most useful information I have shared with customers has nothing to do with my direct service or product. Once you truly know those you serve, you will have a better focus on what you can share.

This will lead to the sharing by those you serve, they will serve you as well.