Take the stairs…

I have noticed that most mornings, there is a line of people to take the escalator out of the train station to the street. People are waiting for the electronic stairs to lift them up to ground level.

Think about that for a moment, actually waiting to have someone do something that their bodies were built to do and are generally capable of doing.

The traditional “stairs”, right next to the escalator,  are WIDE open. It amazes me that people would rather wait in line to take the escalator than walk up the stairs.

For me the opportunity to take the stairs is free exercise. People pay amazing amounts of money on diets, gym memberships, and all the latest fitness gear. When offered the free opportunity to get their heart racing just a bit, they’d rather take the ride offered, also free.

I’m not talking about the person who for physical reasons cannot take the stairs. Sometimes even abled people need a break. However, taking the stairs vs. taking the escalator also offers an additional benefit; particularly at the beginning of the day…the opportunity to get your mind and body moving forward with a positive force.

Positive thinking can often be aided by a physical force. The act of boldly climbing the stairs can make you feel empowered, in control, and ready to take on the daily grind. Small acts of this type will train the mind of the possibilities ahead for numerous obstacles.

It also serves as a reminder that we are in control of our actions and where we are going and where we want to go. Don’t let society give you a ride, take the stairs, take control.

If the only option is to take the escalator, then walk up the left side. You can still exert some exercise and control even when you have to play by society’s rules.